Ocean Dream Plaza, shopping in Cabarete


New!   Guest Services  and   Activities/Excursions

 Ocean Dream Plaza,
 a convivial shopping arcade

1. Cab Admin - condo administration
Open Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m to 01:00 p.m
and from 02:00 p.m to 05:30 p.m; as well as Saturday
from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00.

2. L’Agence Real Estate
In Cabarete since 1999. The leader in rental, administration and sales of properties in the area.

3. Samuel’s Drugstore
Everything you need for health-care and basic essentials.

4. Duplex
Office supplies and IT equipment.

5. Ruamar, S.R.L.
Financial Institution, offering personal loans, mortgages, vehicle financing.

6. Clothes Shop

7. Servi Cab
 They offer accounting services and administrative support since 1990.

8. EPS Vision
Express international delivery service (UPS, FedEx) and insurance firm.

9. Altice
Mobile telephone company.

10. Private
Private office

11/12. Vacant

13. Maynard's Fashions & Cosmetics

Affordable Timeless Fashion that fits and feels good.
Maynard's Mineral Cosmetics, Weightless, powders infused with vitamins A&E and green tea extract.

14. Vacant

15. My Dream
Beauty salon, SPA and hairdresser.

16. Gordito's
Fresh Mexican food : burritos, tacos, bowls and more.

17. Vacant

18. Yamazato
Sushi bar with daily Japanese specialities.

19. Vacant

20. Ice-Cream shop
Artisanal and delicious ice-cream.